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At EdgeWork Capital, our strength lies in the integrity and commitment of our team. We will always put the interests of our clients ahead of our own, ensuring successful business relationships and opportunities for the future.


Made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, our dedicated experts will provide you with the resources and experience you need.

Meet the Team

Todd Vandegrift

Principal Founding Partner

LaDonna Vandegrift

Principal Founding Partner
Executive Director of Operations

Ida Dahl

Founding Partner
Executive Director of Business Development

Andy Reinaker

Founding Partner
Executive Director of Business Strategy

Colin Dahl

Founding Partner
Executive Director of Deal Management

Todd Vandegrift

Principal Founding Partner – CEO

Todd is a seasoned entrepreneur, sales consultant, and strategist of creating demand on both revenue and capital. With 25+ years of sales and business development professional experience, Todd has incorporated best practices in increasing demand on the revenue-side of the enterprise and the capital-side Todd believes “the focus must be on both not just one or the other, failure comes from not being focused”.

Recognized for his ability to survey the landscape and begin to bring both enterprise and capital together for the success “that all boats must rise” mantra!

Having success and failures throughout his career “the one thing I have learn is that challenges are not negative, they are simply challenges, that when overcome, allow you the pathway to level-up in this life we call success”. Todd’s focus includes providing added value into every situation and deal, strategic thought leadership, but most importantly Todd just wants to serve the business community at large, participating at the crossroad of commerce and capital.

LaDonna “LD” Vandegrift

Principal Founding Partner – Executive Director of Operations

LaDonna has over 20+ years in the operation of organizations, she has worked for smaller companies directly reporting to the C-level suite and most recently left a lengthy career with a multi-billion-dollar company where her position was to drive revenue for the company. She provided invoice revenue forecasting to the CFO of the company and based on managing the operations was successful with a 98% forecast accuracy. Her division generated revenue in excess of $100 million dollars annually. Her in-depth knowledge of understanding internal processes and how to streamline them to bring out the highest level of efficiency is a core to her success.

Ida Dahl

Founding Partner – Executive Director of Business Development

Ida comes to Edgework Capital with vast experience working with C-level executives for mid-to-large size companies. Her most recent focus has been on understanding their technical and business processes to align products and services that meet their specific priorities and needs. This background also includes understanding the fundamentals of their business such as: how they drive their market, how cohesive their executive management team is and what their innovative priorities are which drives and impacts their growth strategy.

This discovery and multi-faceted business experience lend perfectly to working with companies to assist them structurally with their capital raising and growth efforts to allow them to get back to doing what they do best, which is run their company. Ida has a passion for strategy, growth and solving complex business problems.

Prior to this, Ida worked with various technology organizations such as the Texas Legislative Council, Microsoft, Canon Solutions of America, and SHI International in pre-sales, sales, and post-sales capacities. Everything from Business Analyst, formal presentations, scoping, project management and implementation has been at the forefront of her experience. In addition to this, she has founded two startups and has first-hand experience as an entrepreneur.

Ida enjoys watching Formula 1 races, boating and the company of her many friends and family.

Andy Reinaker

Founding Partner – Executive Director of Business Strategy – Ph.D in Marketing

Andy is a seasoned consultant, entrepreneur, and business designer with 15+ years of academic and professional experience in marketing and business development. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for conceptual system design, execution and delivery, Andy has a verifiable history of contributing directly to company growth throughout his career. His professional focal points include value creation, leadership enablement, digital engagement, service innovation, strategic marketing, and management development.

Collin Dahl

Founding Partner – Executive Director of Deal Management – BS Computer Science & Master MBA

Collin comes to Edgework Capital with extensive background in Technology Sales and Deal Management. This encompassed incorporating strategies to ensure growth and sustainability with direct impact on revenue generation activities. Collin has a strong background developing and executing sales, marketing and technical plans. In addition to this, he has extensive workflow discovery experience using SWOT Analysis methodologies to consult clients on the implementation of software products and services. Collin has worked with hundreds of organizations developing strong connections with their leadership team to ensure completion of the full sales cycle. Collin has a Bachelor of Science in Technology Management along with an M.B.A.