Intellectual Property Financing

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As we move from a primarily physical world into a digitized world, it is not only traditional assets that hold value. Ideas are increasingly the cornerstone of global economies.

As an owner of Intellectual Property, you can now monetize your asset without relinquishing control in a fashion that is entirely confidential, fast, and completely robust.

Capitalizing your IP is simple and quick. You will retain full day to day control and use of your property.

No constraints are placed on how you choose to spend capital raised, and should you choose to, and complete the required process, the agreement can be ended pre-term. At the end of tenure your IP will be re-assigned to you, can be sold on to a third party, or another finance agreement can be created.

Working closely with a team of IP experts we are proud to be at the frontier of aiding creators to both profit from and expand their concepts.

Tell Your Story.

Your company may be aided by a Corporate Identity or Marketing Strategy Program. Our team includes investor marketing specialists, dedicated to communicating your offering, value, and character to investor audiences.

Corporate Identity and Marketing Management services include: Logo and Brand Guidelines design, Website development, Investor Deck Design, Collateral Design, Social Media Management, Email Marketing Management, Digital Roadshows, and more.

Transparency. Dedication. Results.

At EdgeWork Capital, our strength lies in the integrity and commitment of our team. We will always put the interests of our clients ahead of our own, ensuring successful business relationships and opportunities for the future.

Made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, our dedicated experts will provide you with the resources and experience you need.