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Bridge Financing (also called Lombard financing/loans) uses marketable securities or other financial instruments as collateral for a loan.

Just like a house is used as collateral for a mortgage, different liquid assets can be used as security for a loan, which can help get you that extra support you need to move forward.


In exchange for a pledge of your liquid securities, such as equities, bonds or investment funds, you can be provided a loan that you can use at any time during a pre-agreed period. In this way, Lombard loans allow you to increase your liquidity without having to sell your securities.

Bridge/Lombards are short in duration typically between 1 week up to 24 months, these are great for short term liquidity that is provided in a timely manner.

Bridge/Lombard loans are particularly advantageous because it’s possible to receive your loan relatively quickly. Comparatively, the underwriting process on something like a mortgage can take a while (lenders need to value the property). However, the underwriting process for a Lombard loan is much more straightforward because underwriting is usually limited to the collateral used as security for the loan. It’s this very efficient underwriting process that makes receiving capital so quick. In some cases, you might have access to your loan within as little as 48 hours to a matter of days.

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If a significant portion of your net worth is tied up in pre-IPO, liquidity can be challenging. EWC can provide owners of these securities with liquidity against pre-IPO stock that provide attractive financing solutions for you.

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