Invoice Acceleration

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You want to collect payments quickly while your customers prefer longer payment terms. Now you can do both without risky loans or factoring.

Sell more, win larger contracts, and have an advantage over your competition.


Working capital is key to any successful, growing business. It affects many aspects of your business — from delivering goods to customers, paying vendors and employees, to keeping the lights on at your physical locations. Working capital is not only essential for meeting your short-term obligations, but planning for sustainable long-term growth and plays a key factor in your ability to consistently meet and exceed the growth milestones set forth for your business.

EdgeWork Capital offers an accelerated invoice payment solution that allows you to turn accounts receivables to cash quickly.

Convert your A/R into cash and eliminate the need for other stressful collections tactics, like negotiating new payment terms or offering early payment discounts. Pay only a flat service fee, similar to a credit card, so you don’t incur hefty interest fees from traditional financing or variable and hidden fees from invoice factoring.

We also provide a variety of other capital solutions:  

Lombard Loans

Intellectual Property (IP) Financing

Unlisted Securities loans (For privately held companies)

And Corporate & Personal Aircraft

Pre-IPO Financing

If a significant portion of your net worth is tied up in pre-IPO, liquidity can be challenging. EWC can provide owners of these securities with liquidity against pre-IPO stock that provide attractive financing solutions for you.

Tell Your Story.

Your Security-Based Lending may be aided by a Corporate Identity or Marketing Strategy Program. Our team includes investor marketing specialists, dedicated to communicating your offering, value, and character to investor audiences.

Corporate Identity and Marketing Management services include: Logo and Brand Guidelines design, Website development, Investor Deck Design, Collateral Design, Social Media Management, Email Marketing Management, Digital Roadshows, and more.

Transparency. Dedication. Results.

At EdgeWork Capital, our strength lies in the integrity and commitment of our team. We will always put the interests of our clients ahead of our own, ensuring successful business relationships and opportunities for the future.

Made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, our dedicated experts will provide you with the resources and experience you need.